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Tom for Laurent Guinci

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This. This is why Harry Potter will always be one of the best things to happen. I am in tears.

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No one can help me,” said Malfoy. His whole body was shaking. “I can’t do it… I can’t… It won’t work… and unless I do it soon… he says he’ll kill me…” And Harry realized, with a shock so huge it seemed to root him to the spot, that Malfoy was crying — actually crying — tears streaming down his pale face into the grimy basin.

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fangirl challenge  -  [3/10] male characters

  draco malfoy  “i can help you, draco.” “no, you can’t," said malfoy, his wand shaking very badly indeed. "nobody can. he told me to do it or he’d kill me. i’ve got no choice."

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bdsubmarie asked: Remus/Sirius or Draco/Harry?

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Colour Meme
          Spring Colours - Draco
                    Requested by yumtumbl

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The Dance of the Dragons meme: 7 deaths: (2/7):  Aemond (Tom Felton) killing Lucerys (Skandar Keynes) . (x)

Note: I recasted most of the Velaryon children since I read in the Rogue Prince that they had black hair/brown eyes.

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